Environment: a way of life, a profession

What’s the situation on our planet? 
How can we make a difference?
Are there any professions to help?

A few questions we have, on a subject that concerns everyone. Indeed, whether we like it or not, we cannot escape the disruption caused by global warming.

Let’s remember

The years 2019 and 2020 were marked by major environmental events. Between the forest fires in the Amazon and those that have ravaged in Australia, the effects are numerous. The measures of containment against the coronavirus brought us back to the real world when nature began to reclaim its right. Swans wandering in “uninhabited” rivers, dolphins returning to the harbors, Venice’s water as transparent as never before, the list goes on. The images of pollution around the world taken by NASA are also the source of countless debates. The question “but can we really push for change in the face of environmental problems” has, therefore, a clear answer. Yes! Here we would like to provide you with some tips you can adopt on a daily basis and some professions that will enable you to make a difference!

Some tips

Some will say that we, as individuals, can do nothing to change the situation. At this moment, we believe that the future is in our hands. In other words, the improvement depends on us, all we have to do is to adopt better habits and behave in a more eco-responsible way. The canton of Neuchâtel has recognized this, as evidenced by the fact that more and more people are shopping in the region’s bulk stores. Less waste, consumption of local products, support for the region’s economy, the benefits are of all kinds. Why not ride a bicycle instead of a car? We’re not going to list all the advantages, but we are sure you are familiar with them. The list of methods to be adopted would be a long one, so we will not dwell on that. But remember that it is much easier to adapt to a healthier and more beneficial lifestyle than you might think.

What is the role of the professional world in all this?

Let’s face it, being greener requires the participation of professionals from all sectors. Fortunately, more and more “green” jobs are being created. If this subject is of great importance to you, you will easily find a profession that will delight you. Instead of going over and around, here are a few examples of companies focused on the environment, which you can find at Coworking Neuchâtel:

  • Agrocaps SPRL and its fight against pests in the wild, specializing in biotechnology.
  • Authentic Material and their manufacture of exceptional materials. Their expertise: the upcycling, or transformation of scrap and co-products of natural materials into value-added materials.
  • Prona SA and respect for biological, cultural and patrimonial heritage in construction. Experts specialized in environmental engineering.
  • Efikos and their dedication to the preservation of nature. The team is an expert in biomonitoring of soil and air, as well as heritage biodiversity.

For further details, take a look at the list of our coworkers.

And you?

As you can see, everything is at your disposal to do the right thing. All you have to do is get started, and a better future awaits you. Now that you have some good advice, how are you going to make a positive environmental impact?