Kinnarps : How to Design an inspiring space

A Coworking space needs a specific layout. Independent workers and entrepreneurs come to work there in order not to be isolated. They need a space where they can work serenely but which is also conducive to meetings and socialization. At Coworking Neuchâtel we have found the perfect compromise with Kinnarps !

Why redesign your space?

The design of a coworking space, although specific, can also be adapted to any type of business in order to increase comfort and productivity.

The relationship of workers with their companies is changing. The arrival of generation Z in the professional world amplifies this phenomenon. Workers have a need to belong to a group, to share values and to have more human relations within their company. These are key points to make employees feel good in their company.

Design your space to create a unique identity that corresponds to the values of your company and that adapts to the new ways of working that are emerging.

By intelligently designing your space, you can increase your employees’ satisfaction and offer an environment conducive to creation and innovation.

How to design your space?

  1. Workspace : Choose an open workspace that will be conducive to collaboration. Avoid distractions so that the atmosphere is professional. Equip the desks with screens and outlets so that everyone can come and work with their computer. Avoid fixed workplaces, give your employees the opportunity to change places easily. With this philosophy, it is necessary to think of an adapted furniture. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable at every seat. Kinnarps offers adjustable desks that also allow you to work standing up. Kinnarps also offers office chairs that can be adjusted to suit all body types. Learn more in this article : The Sustainable Effect Of Good Ergonomics.

  2. Create relaxation areas : These spaces meet the need to belong to a community. Choose comfortable furniture that is visually different from the professional atmosphere of other spaces. These relaxation areas can be reminiscent of a living room that one might find at home. Offer a space for employees to take their lunch break together. In addition, offer access to a kitchen and your employees will feel at home!

    Kinnarps Coworking Neuchâtel
    Relaxation area with Kinnarps furniture (in the foreground the Kinnarps Clip)

  3. Designing a meeting room : In your meeting room, choose furniture that is suitable for work. Choose quality equipment, your rooms will be used a lot and the furniture will wear out quickly. For example, for whiteboards that will allow you to note your most serious and wildest ideas, Lintex offers boards adapted to professionals with a long life span. Wall colors are also a consideration. More and more, meetings are done by video conference, in order to have a pleasant frame to look at, favor a neutral color that does not offer too much contrast like brown, beige, or gray.
  4. Think about storage :  Provide your employees with storage space. They will be able to store their professional and personal belongings. Their movements will be more pleasant. Providing storage space also helps prevent employees from leaving materials in their place. It’s unpleasant to sit in a place where the previous user’s stuff is still there. Install coat racks, the less cluttered the work area, the more comfortable and enjoyable it will be.

When designing your different spaces remember that they must be unique and original, your space is a physical place that represents your company to employees and clients. It must also be pleasant to live and work in.

Space as a facilitator of innovation

“Move people to move ideas around”. By setting up your company as a coworking space, your employees will be more mobile. They will have the opportunity to share their ideas between different departments and this will be conducive to creativity and innovation within your company.

The workplace becomes a collective and collaborative space. Employees move through the spaces according to the needs of the moment. Let’s take an example: If one of your employees has an appointment with a client, instead of adapting their environment by bringing a second chair to their desk, they will move to a meeting room.

At Coworking Neuchâtel we offer 2 spaces available to each member. One in Neuchâtel and the other in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This offers coworkers a great deal of flexibility depending on their needs. They can propose meetings closer to their clients or adapt their working place according to their agenda.

Kinnarps, the solution to furnish your space

Coworking Neuchâtel collaborates with Kinnarps to offer its coworkers a pleasant and professional space. Kinnarps is the largest Swedish manufacturer of office furniture. Thanks to their wide range of furniture and their modularity, we have always found solutions with them that suited our space.

In addition to their quality products, their advice has been invaluable. During the design of our space, we were accompanied by professionals at each step of the process so that our space was functional and corresponded to the image we had made of it.

If you want to design a new workspace or if you want to modify an existing one, we recommend you to approach Kinnarps !


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