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Who is coworking for?

Who is coworking for ? – Does coworking have a typical profile? Is it open to everyone? Will I be able to integrate? 

Here is an article that will remove your worries and reassure you, because coworking is for (almost) everyone! 

What is coworking ?

First thing first: A little reminder of what coworking is. Coworking is a shared work space, which brings together professionals and freelancers from different backgrounds.

In short, it is working individually in a common space, benefiting from contacts, advice and a network. To learn more about coworking, click here.


Who is coworking for?

Who are the coworking enthusiasts? 

You are tempted by the coworking offer but you wonder if it is really for you? If a “match” is possible? 

We detail here who is coworking for, the different profiles and characteristics that are often associated with the coworking model. 


The profiles

Here are detailed the profiles of the people most often met in coworking spaces. The number of followers is growing, as shown in this graph


Entrepreneurs and startups

Small businesses, teams and entrepreneurs are very often fond of coworking services.

Indeed, at the dawn of their new career and the development of their activity, they find in the coworking model everything they need: An affordable price, a network of coworkers, a context that promotes creativity, a space adapted to their needs or even a domiciliation service for their company’s headquarters. In any case, it’s like that at Coworking Neuchâtel.



Freelancers are also often present in coworking spaces. As they need to get away from the isolation linked to their activity, often at home, coworking allows them to work in a varied ecosystem full of new people as well as in a professional and dynamic environment different from home.

Moreover, a work environment also means the elimination of distractions found at home (and mentioned in our article Covid restrictions lifting? – What is the best alternative to telecommuting?).

The burden of administrative, real estate and financial commitments is then reduced, thanks to our attractive prices too, to the delight of our coworkers. 



Employees of branches of a large company, project managers, freelancers, travelling or visiting employees, these profiles are also often found in coworking spaces.

They enjoy the flexibility that such a place can offer and adapt perfectly to the existing population.



Despite the fact that work and revision spaces are often provided by high schools, universities and colleges, it is not uncommon to see students also benefit from the working conditions offered by a coworking space.

Networking is also important in the early stages of a career, so your next employer may be nestled in our Coworking Neuchâtel premises!



Diversity is the key word to try to define the different profiles that make up the Neuchâtel coworking ecosystem.

  • A creative tendency emanates from the minds and the exchanges within the coworking. People are often very open-minded and this gives rise to bursts of inventiveness.
  • No matter how old you are, there are no rules! We are here for people from 7 to 77 years old (pretty much…).
  • Different backgrounds for our greatest happiness and to feed more than interesting exchanges.
  • Of all origins, because we love to share also in other languages, about other cultures and everything that could enrich us!

We also tend to advise an activity compatible with office work, even only 1 half day per week. Everything is possible with us (or almost). 


Did you know?

Though… Another plus of Coworking Neuchâtel: the company domiciliation service, which can then benefit all types of industry, from construction to cryptocurrency. 

The profiles put aside by coworking 

To be part of a coworking, you obviously have to like people. But… There are certain profiles that we do not favor in our relationships, because they are not adapted to such activities and organization.

To give you an idea of the profiles we avoid:

– The ultra-commercial: compartmentalized in their activity, these people prefer to hand out their business card before getting to know each other or saying a simple hello. Professional activities, networking and reputation are important, but let’s not forget the relational and human aspects.

– The too thrifty: The financial aspect is important and Coworking Neuchâtel has understood it well by proposing prices more than accessible to the greatest number.

So, people who are not interested at all in exchanging, meeting new people and taking part in daily exchanges do not seem to be at the right place. Saving money by using coworking services is certainly an advantage, but it should not be the only driver of an interest in such a structure.

– Misophones or noise intolerants: To work in shared spaces, one must be able to accept a certain level of noise during busy times of the day or sometimes also whole periods of a day. Therefore, people who require 24/7 silence may not be at the right place either…

– Gossipers: We also avoid toxic people who tend to talk badly about others, spread rumors and thus create a climate that is not welcome at Coworking Neuchâtel.

The final word 

With the Covid, we have all encountered isolation, but now that we finally see an improvement in the situation, it is no longer the time to cut ourselves off from the world. 

At Coworking Neuchâtel, the breaks all together around coffee, tea or small sweets at will is the source of many exchanges, helping hands, tips and collaborations.

Networking, social interactions and sharing of experiences are the daily rhythm of work in a Coworking space. 

Contacts warm the heart and also help to develop, and our team is waiting for you to witness your growth. Because, beware! We also know how to be serious. 


Still have a doubt about who is coworking for?

Contact us!


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