Remote work from home or coworking space?

Remote work from home or coworking space ? – A growing number of employees prefer to switch from traditional offices to telework in comfortable living rooms or cozy coworking spaces. The development of digital technologies has influenced the framework of the working process: employees prefer to work remotely, organizing the business process with the help of an internet connection.

From the company side, it essentially helped to reduce the costs of office rent, maintenance fees, and equipment. However, working remotely sometimes cannot be as efficient as one would expect. In this article, we are going to discuss different aspects of telework and what can contribute to improving work performance in order to know if it is better to work from home or coworking space!

Is working from home advantageous?

One of the major advantages of working from home is the ability to be in charge of your business planning and to organize your day as you want. Also, you are not attached to a particular working place, that sometimes might be located far from your residence. At the same time, it can be seen as a drawback of telework. When the home is converted into the office, the borderline between work and recreation disappears, which some can find burdensome.

Depending on their personality, people with more introverted features will benefit from working remotely, as it will allow them to deviate from intrusive communication and to have more time for their personal interests. However, networking should not be underestimated for business development. A small talk near the coffee machine may bring a new insight or unleash creative thinking.

Some people find working from home quite distracting. You might be tempted to check the morning newspaper, take a coffee on the terrace, or chat with your inmates. Therefore, working from home requires a good level of self-organization, which may cause some difficulties. Self-organization requires a stimulus! It depends on the willingness to change. If you are strongly motivated, professional assistance will be advantageous. Nowadays, one of the most popular method to increase self-organization is to participate in personal growth training sessions where a coaching guide will ensure the success of the outcome.

Shifting from home to coworking space

If you have enough of the home office, it is high time to move to the open space. Such spaces have numerous advantages for your business activity! Nowadays, coworking spaces are not just places to plug in your computer. Apart from the essential office equipment, you will find a well-equipped place to have lunch or grab a cup of coffee.

Also, you can organize a business meeting or hold a conference. In case you need to contact and promptly resolve an issue with a partner who lives in another time zone – you will benefit from 24/7 access to the coworking space.

It is true that open spaces are becoming more popular and provide an even more effective environment for running a business. Quite easily you may find like-minded people, who have chosen between work from home or coworking space, benefit from the experience of your “neighbours”, participate in conferences and various events – and all of this without losing focus on your business activity.

If you have decided to join a coworking space – you are in the right place! Discover the advantages of Coworking Neuchatel and see what is better for you, if it is to work from home or coworking space.
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