Tricks for selling: how to proceed?

Tricks for selling: how to proceed? – Selling is a special process that requires a certain sensitivity and understanding to be executed correctly. You will of course find a lot of articles on the net that will teach you the basics of this art, or present you techniques that work.

However, the subject is so vast that a method applicable in one context may not be applicable in another. This is why we have decided to share with you tricks for selling from our members. We hope that you will find some good tips to establish and finalize a sales process in a relevant way.

Tips and Tricks for selling

Before we get started, it is best to describe the context. Indeed, selling affects all areas. It is therefore important to understand that the following experts will give you advice that is applicable in their context. Their techniques, although they can be used in different cases, will surely need to be adapted to your situation. Here are the answers from the professionals we interviewed.

In the case of Jean-Michel, Brokerage Director at ServiPier, you have to be constantly on the cutting edge of technology. More precisely, communication means evolve day by day, so it is crucial to know how to exchange with your client in an adapted way. He also explains that the emotional aspect of the client is very important.

In other words, when your customers are looking to acquire something of a certain value, you have to take into consideration what really touches them and is important to them. Finally, Jean-Michel believes that you must be at your client’s entire disposal and succeed in creating a relationship of trust. A point which, as you will notice, is essential for each of our coworkers.

For Aurélien, Technical Sales Representative at Novoglas, showing a real personal investment in the customer’s project is important and part of the tricks for selling. In other words, the goal is not just to sell, but to love human contact, to listen, and create a relationship of trust with the person in front of you.

According to Laurence, Sales Manager at Kinnarps, it is important to believe in what you are selling. It is easy to exchange if you like what you offer. You also have to be patient and know how to detach yourself. The person you are talking to may not have the same priorities and constraints as you do. “What would his/her needs and feelings be if I were in his/her shoes?”.

Last but not least, selling is not everything. First of all, it is important to create a relationship of trust, which can take time. Then, make sure you keep a follow-up so that your client is completely satisfied with what he or she has obtained.

In the field of upcycling, our friend Business Developer Colin from Authentic Material also has good advice and tricks for selling. He explains to us that we need to identify the customer’s real problem. Once the customer’s pain is understood, the solutions will come naturally. Working in B2B, he also advises being attentive to the needs of the final customer. This will indeed help you better understand how to meet the expectations of your direct customer.

To conclude, we also discussed with Jean-Louis, Senior Executive Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Sao Tome and Principe. In his case, trade is international as you can imagine. He, therefore, advises above all to address people with an important network in the desired regions or to succeed in integrating circles such as chambers of commerce or state organizations. He also thinks it is very important to prepare your interlocutor.

Indeed, you should provide documentation or information about your organization and yourself, which will greatly facilitate the first contact and create a certain amount of trust. It also brings credibility to what you do and to your company. In an international as well as sometimes local context, Jean-Louis talks about taking cultural differences into account.

If you want to meet your client’s needs and expectations, it is, therefore, crucial to understand the differences between cultures and what you can bring to the other person. Finally, the image you project to your correspondent will very often influence the course of your discussion. Finally, above all, take care of your clients, have a neat appearance, and be on time for your appointments.

In a nutshell

As we can see after those tricks for selling, there is of course no “magic approach”. However, we have learned a lot from our qualified experts. Be invested in what you do, believe in your products/services, be patient, take the time to understand what affects your customers, and above all, create a bond of trust! We all have needs, but what are the ones of your customers?

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