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Covid restrictions lifting? What is the best alternative to telecommuting?

Covid restrictions lifting – Telecommuting – From 2020 to 2022, two years have gone by, without us even seeing them go by… An unprecedented context, with continuous adaptations and an upside down daily life!

But we are finally allowed to imagine a better near future in a lighter context. Hopes of lifting the Covid restrictions are finally taking shape in the minds of citizens.

But then, what can we learn from this experience of working during Covid? It was not all bad, right? We learned a lot during this period and it is important to see the positive as well!

Let’s take a look back at working during Covid together and explore alternatives to telecommuting until the Covid restrictions are lifted. 🤞🏻



There have been many changes and new developments during this famous “Covid period”. We had to deal with the pandemic and the balance between professional and private life has been turned upside down.

And yes, many companies have opted for telecommuting, working remotely, and most often from home. Add to that the Federal Council measures, quarantines and school closures, and families have often found themselves at home. So far, we are not telling you anything new.

But, warm at home and dressed with a business shirt up and a pyjama on the bottom, haven’t you thought about a change of work context, missed a more work-friendly setting or even some social interaction?


Work from home or somewhere else?

This is where the novelty comes in. During the Covid period, many people had to adapt and work from home.

Telecommuting is certainly appreciated, because it offers a lot of convenience and a total abolition of commuting time. But it is not necessarily suitable for all days and weeks…

Moreover, working from home also means opening doors to distractions and disturbances… Who has never been distracted by his children, his roommates or spouse? Distracted by the mailman or the doorbell just when it shouldn’t be? Who hasn’t been tempted to take a nap or watch a series on a typical telecommuting day? 

To overcome these inconveniences, some have tried to find alternatives, but it has not been successful. And others have managed to find the best alternative to telecommuting: taking an office at Coworking Neuchâtel. 

Indeed, thanks to our other articles Remote work: Work from home or coworking space? and Working in a commercial space vs a coworking space vs from home – Comparison of the 3, we can note that the advantages of coworking are numerous and this practice, common for some and unknown for others, seduces more and more Swiss people. 

As this article from shows, several studies stipulate that work habits have evolved over the years as well as because of the Covid context. It also shows that about 50% of the 18,000 professionals questioned in the IWG study work remotely. They are as well looking for places that boost their creativity and promote social exchanges within a dynamic and heterogeneous ecosystem. Wouldn’t that be the definition itself of a coworking space?

It is also a great time saver, compared to home office, to arrive and benefit from the “all inclusive” service offered by Coworking Neuchâtel.


And now?

Seeing the future after Covid restrictions lifting

Telecommuting allows a certain degree of flexibility, a feature more than appreciated by the employees of a company. But is it possible to keep this flexibility while adding a quality work context and social interactions?  

Of course it is ! 

Have you ever thought about a flexible office?

Having gained some experience, having done research on where and how to work better, mentalities have also changed and coworking spaces are starting to be popular. 

Indeed, the latter offer an incredible flexibility by allowing coworkers to come and work when they want, for the duration of their choice and without any constraint of installation. And all this in a warm context and a setting conducive to work and productivity. 

At Coworking Neuchâtel, for example, we offer a top service thanks to our dedicated team, which does everything possible to ensure that coworkers just have to put down their stuff and get to work as soon as they arrive.

Once they walk through the door of the Coworking, they only have to worry about their personal needs and will not face any unpleasant surprises.

The final word 

In short (but very short), coworking allows you to lighten your charges and also to make your work organization flexible.

Moreover, it also allow you to modernize your work environment, while benefiting from an extremely varied network of benevolent and more than interesting coworkers.

And yes, coworking even relieves you of some constraints encountered at home.


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