Create your company in Switzerland, in the canton of Neuchâtel – IFJ x Coworking Neuchâtel

Create your company in Switzerland, in the canton of Neuchâtel, with attractive tax conditions.


IFJ x Coworking Neuchâtel – In order to facilitate the process of creating a company and to give a helping hand to the self-employed, Coworking Neuchâtel announces its partnership with IFJ, the Institute for Young Enterprises. 

Coworking Neuchâtel Sàrl concludes a partnership with IFJ 

Since August 1, 2021, Coworking Neuchâtel Sàrl has partnered with IFJ to offer a business domiciliation service in La Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchâtel.

The objective

The ultimate goal? To support even more the creators of companies and the young self-employed. IFJ now offers this business domiciliation service in partnership with Coworking Neuchâtel Sàrl in order to facilitate the entry of the latter into a flourishing economy.

Your advantages

This new partnership allows entrepreneurs to obtain an address in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and to benefit from a mail management service.

Numerous options, such as telephony, virtual reception, call center, document storage and event management, can be added to the basic formula in order to create a tailor-made domiciliation and meet the needs of each new company.

Who are the stakeholders?

Coworking Neuchâtel

Coworking Neuchâtel Sàrl, a company created in 2014 and active since then, has become the reference for collaborative work in the canton of Neuchâtel.

In Neuchâtel

The company offers numerous fixed and nomad workplaces, 16 and 12 respectively, as well as 4 private office rooms with 20 workplaces. For meetings, the 400m²-space located in the Hotel des Postes in Neuchâtel has 3 meeting rooms of 25, 26 and 30m². Coworking Neuchâtel welcomes about a hundred coworkers, coming from different backgrounds and feeding the richness of this cosmopolitan organization. 

In La Chaux-de-Fonds

Faced with the strong demand for this type of office in the upper part of the canton, the company has expanded into the watchmaking metropolis of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

It offers there a 400m² wide-space composed of 3 private offices of 30m², 2 meeting rooms for 2 to 14 people, 1 space with 12 fixed and nomad offices, as well as a beautiful conference space that can accommodate between 10 and 50 people. 

IFJ – the Institute for Young Enterprises

On the other hand, IFJ is a company that accompanies entrepreneurs and freelancers on the path to business creation. Its slogan, “Live your dream. Start your own business”, has seduced more than 150,000 people since 1989, whom the institute has helped to realize their project. 

Canton of Neuchâtel

Lastly and not to mention the Canton of Neuchâtel itself, which has an economic service that facilitates integration in the Canton thanks to continuous long-term support and customized accompaniment. It also emphasizes its attractiveness thanks to:

  • A very interesting tax rate for the creation of companies, such as a SA or Sàrl, at the Swiss level;
  • An ideal geographical location, nestled in the heart of Europe;
  • A diversified and rich economic ecosystem. 

Life is doing well in the canton of Neuchâtel! 


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To know!

Coworking Neuchâtel Sàrl – La Chaux-de-Fonds’ site – has settled down in the emblematic Hôtel des Postes in the watchmaking metropolis. This place offers obvious advantages: centrality, proximity to public transport and the train station, open and bright space, as well as an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, freelancers and a diversity fed by the increase in the number of teleworkers since the beginning of Covid-19. 

The final word 

This partnership is the fruit of a collaboration at the service of entrepreneurs, and an advantage also for the canton of Neuchâtel, which thus confirms its strong place in the landscape of entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Let yourself be tempted and create your company in Switzerland, in the canton of Neuchâtel.


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