Digital nomad : combine vacation and work

Digital nomad – What if we told you that it was possible to combine vacations and work? The concept of digital nomad has been known for several years now.

This trendy term simply defines the ability to work anywhere on the planet, as long as you have access to the internet. In a café, a restaurant or ideally in a coworking space provided for this purpose.

This article aims to make you discover the world of a digital nomad, as well as the destinations suitable for this practice.

Digital nomad: what is it?

A digital nomad is a person who can carry out his professional activity remotely, thanks to the various technologies of the Internet, while traveling around the world.

Basically a teleworker but even more mobile and without any borders.

For some, it’s a way to live in a country with a low standard of living and save money, for others it is the ideal combination to change regularly from one destination to another and discover the world.

It is a state of mind and a way of life with its advantages and disadvantages.


The biggest advantage of this lifestyle is certainly the fact that you can work from where you want when you want and explore the world as you please.

It means meeting new people in different fields and enriching your knowledge. But also to open your horizons which can lead to new opportunities.

On the financial level, some advantages are not negligible:

  • A cheaper lifestyle depending on the country 
  • A higher purchasing power depending on the destination
  • A context that facilitates savings

Loneliness is undoubtedly the most common disadvantage for a digital nomad. It is difficult to get attached to the people you meet along the way knowing that the time spent with them is short.

It is also necessary to organize oneself to remain productive and manage work time without falling into a burnout. All the while having to adapt to the local culture continuously.

Without forgetting the fact that all your work will depend on the stability of the Wifi, knowing that depending on the destination it is not always very efficient.

You are still wondering if you should take the plunge or not?

To help you, discover below an overview of some destinations with coworking spaces adapted to digital nomadism.

Top destinations

In some countries the concept is already well established and has evolved over the years.

Coworking spaces or coliving (Read the article on coliving) there is something for everyone.


Soothing nature, creative atmosphere and multicultural people make Bali a must for digital nomads.

In Ubud or Seminyak you can find a multitude of coworking spaces between view on rice terraces and workspaces by the beach.


Find a list of some coworking spaces that are worth a visit in this article.


Just like Bali, Thailand is a paradise destination for digital nomadism with its shared offices from the most “classic” to the most eccentric with their SPA offering foot massages. 

More details on the addresses to know here.


Despite its mix of culture and traditions and its affordable cost of living, Vietnam is not a very touristy destination in Asia and still very little exploited by nomadic workers.

And yet, shared workspaces have found their place throughout the country. 


All the good addresses here.

This is only a sample of places among a panel of choices, especially across Europe.

What about Switzerland ?

In Switzerland, the phenomenon is not totally unknown. The proof is that in the last few years, more and more coworking spaces have been created across the country.

According to the Nomadlist website, which references the best destinations around the world for nomadic workers, according to different criteria.

Notably, the cost of living, security or the quality of wifi, the cities of :

  • Zurich;
  • Geneva;
  • Basel;
  • Bern;
  • Lugano;
  • Lausanne;
  • St. Gallen;
  • Interlaken;

are the most suitable destinations in Switzerland.

Even if the main inconvenience remains the rather high cost of living in all these cities.

You now have all the keys to take action. What are you waiting for?

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Article by Mélanie Mutombo