Start 2021 on a good basis

New resolutions – Who says new year says new resolutions ! Even more after the year we have just gone through. We had January to rest, now an update is necessary, in order to start 2021 on a good basis and be in correlation with ourselves.

Well-being, productivity and harmony between personal and professional life are important values, especially today.

In this article we remind you of our tips and advice to maintain a balance throughout this new year.

Think about your well-being

The notion of well-being differs from one individual to another. For some, it is defined by a moment of relaxation, time spent with the family,  sport, etc. It is a feeling that can also be linked to your professional life, as we described it in our article on well-being in the workplace.

It is important to know what brings you this feeling of relief and take advantage of  it. But it is all the more important to recognize and avoid situations that can be harmful to it.

Such as, stressful situations that will impact your morale and long-term health. To do this, choose a healthy environment to work in.

This includes an ergonomic workplace and a serene work atmosphere. Surround yourself with good people and create bonds around you. That’s why at Coworking Neuchâtel, it’s important for us to get together for a coffee break, to exchange ideas and build relationships.

Stay productive

How many times after a long working day have you wondered about your productivity during the day ? Could you have done more ? What did you actually accomplished ?

Those are questions that need to be answered in order to start 2021 on a good basis…

It’s a feeling that can often be frustrating, thinking that you’ve done a lot without having really moved forward.

The watchword for staying productive is: ORGANIZATION ! By organizing and prioritizing your tasks, you will already gain in productivity.

You can find more detailed tips and advice on how to improve your productivity in our article dedicated to this topic.

Good organization
Einsenhower matrice – Tool to help you organize your day

Harmonize your professional and personal life

It is sometimes difficult to combine professional and personal life, especially in today’s age of teleworking. The boundaries between working time and time to take care of children, watch Netflix series or share family time can easily be crossed.

Arranging one’s days becomes difficult, which will produce a domino effect, highlighting the negative factors mentioned above. With an impact on your well-being because stress situations will be more conducive and influence your productivity, because the workspace is not necessarily organized and healthy.

Good balance
Find your balance

Take the step

It is partly in order to remedy these problems that office co-locations were imagined. To provide a workspace adapted to all people who wish to separate their professional life from their personal life. But also to bring teleworkers out of their isolation and offer them more flexibility and mobility.

Recognizing that these points are important for a good balance in your life is already a first step. Now it’s time to take action; think about your well-being, put in place the necessary strategies to stay productive and finally harmonize your two worlds, work and private.

You know know everything to start 2021 on a good basis!

Article wrote by Mélanie Mutombo