Survival kit for Coworking Neuchâtel

Survival kit for Coworking NeuchatelCoworking spaces are created for productive and convenient work. It is not just an office that only provides you with a workplace. The creators of such places are doing their best to make the services highly suitable for those creating their own businesses or those simply interested in working in such an environment. Individuals can find a Nomad workplace with ergonomic furniture, while teams would take advantage of private offices. Furthermore, for the presentation or training sessions, you may want to organize, you can reserve a fully equipped meeting room. According to our experience, the level of productivity significantly rises in comparison to home-office or to work in an ordinary office.

Literally, one may spend day and night working in such a space. Some freelancers, in the beginning, think exactly like this, therefore there are certain rules that are highly desirable to follow in order to provide you with a favorable working environment.

For that matter, here is the Survival kit for Coworking Neuchâtel:
  1. Keep it quiet

Your very important call, which can dramatically change your life and incidentally generate a huge income, is not as important to others. This is not an office where colleagues will listen breathlessly to your negotiations and not all people around you would listen to Heavy Metal at maximum volume in their headphones.

Hence, if you have an important conversation, it is better to go out or in any of the available phone cabins. Respect your colleagues, and they will respect you.

  1. Don’t exceed the reserved time of a meeting room

If you realize that your meeting will last longer than scheduled, check if there are other reservations after yours. It is good not to create confusion with other people who also have made a reservation for their appointment with a client, for instance. It is an essential point of the survival kit for Coworking Neuchâtel !

  1. Keep it clean

This is one basic rule. It is unacceptable to leave any garbage for later. When you had a nice talk with your clients, shared a coffee, or signed a contract, this is the time to come back and clean up. Leave the space as clean as when you entered it.

  1. Your appearance does matter 

For sure, no one asks you to wear a three-piece suit, however, beachwear and slippers are not the best options. Coworking spaces are quite democratic, but you should not draw the attention of your colleagues to your carnival costume. 

  1. Network, but do not distract

One of the main advantages of coworking spaces is the ability to socialize with coworkers by sharing ideas and gaining knowledge of new subjects. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the person you are talking to at the moment may be busy with his/her own project. To overcome this in Coworking Neuchatel we organize coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon, to network, to refresh the mind or to play UNO. 

From our coworkers, we expect not only compliance with the above-mentioned rules part of the survival kit for Coworking Neuchâtel, but also constructive feedback. What should we remove, change, or add? We would also like to hear from the readers of our blog. We promise to take it seriously and to make Coworking Neuchatel an even more ideal place for your work!

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