Which tips to improve productivity?

Tips to improve productivity – Surely you have wondered how you can become more productive in your professional life. And you are not alone! Many experts have also asked this question and today there exists a wide variety of well-known tips that could potentially help you! That is why, at Coworking Neuchâtel, we have decided to tell you about some tips to improve productivity, that will help you reach your goals faster, manage your time better, and be more organized. 

To Do List

Nothing is better to organize your thoughts and get an overview! Indeed, the brain is not designed to keep everything in mind. Enlisting in a notebook or using one of the many applications created for this purpose, such as Trello for example, will allow you to plan your tasks, prioritize each of them, and set deadlines. 

Getting ready the day before

Viewing the tasks you will have to do the next day will help you be more organized. Indeed, by knowing what you have to accomplish, you can prioritize your tasks, improve the quality of your actions and increase your efficiency. 

Take a break 

Here is ont of the tips to improve productivity that is skipped too often…

There is nothing more important than taking a break once in a while. According to several experts, it is recommended to take a 30-minutes break every 2 to 4 hours. This will allow you to take your mind off things, increase your creativity and restore your motivation. All these aspects are extremely linked to your productivity! 

Avoid procrastination

The worst enemy of productivity: procrastination! However, there are several tips that will help you. The 10-minute rule, for example, is about working at least 10 minutes on a task and allow yourself to stop after the time has passed. Of course, the goal is not to stop, but by allowing yourself to do so it is less difficult to get started. Also, dividing your tasks into subtasks makes them more manageable and avoids postponing them.

Ask for help

Being more productive does not mean doing everything on your own, but making consistent progress on several tasks. To avoid obstination on a task or if you have too much to do, ask for help, and save time. This will help you avoid frustration and force you to take care of yourself if the workload is overwhelming. 

Communicate effectively

In order to manage your time more effectively, it is important that you choose the right communication method based on the information you need to share. Here are a few tips: 

If your email takes you more than 10 minutes to write, this is probably not the appropriate means of communication. A short phone call will be much simpler, it will allow you to have a real exchange in an efficient way. As far as meetings are concerned, it seems that many companies are having way too many of them, therefore, it is important to remember that having a meeting is only useful if there is a real need to exchange face to face. 

Have an organized and healthy workspace

Finally, for the last one of the tips to improve productivity, we cannot say it well enough but the environment you work in can greatly impact your productivity! It is important that you feel comfortable and that you limit distractions in order to fully concentrate. Moreover, it should also be healthy. What we mean by this refers to ergonomics. This is a crucial point in order to avoid health concerns! 

So, did you already know some of these tips to improve productivity that are too often forgotten?

We hope they will help you! 

Let’s become more productive together! 

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